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Workshop at Fall Creek Falls State Park

May 2023

5, 6, & 7


Join in

Cummins Falls State Park puts on the workshop at Fall Creek Falls State Park.

There are two climbing workshops a year at Fall Creek Falls State Park. One in the Spring and the other in the Fall.

Ranger Ray Cutcher will instruction in safety, and the use of climbing/rappel gear and give instruction on climbing techniques.

“Climbing routes for beginners as well as experienced climbers who love being on the rock!”

The fee for this event is $60.00 per person
A waiver form must be filled out for each individual (anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign, all children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult).


Download the climbing routes for Top Rope at Fall Creek Falls.

What about gear?

Climbing harnesses, shoes, hardware, helmets, and ropes will be provided for the workshop to those who do not have climbing gear. Any person can use their own gear if they prefer. let one of the instructors inspect your personal gear prior to any climb or rappel.

*All participants will need to provide their own transportation for the weekend.

Need a place to stay for the weekend.

We have been able to reserve the Newton Ford Bunkhouse for the past couple of years for our partisa[ents to stay in during the workshop. If this should not be the case we will try to notify everyone signed up of any changes.

Plan some fun

The weekend plan

The workshop starts on Friday evening of the designated weekend and ends on the following Sunday.


Meet at 7 pm (CST) – Participants will meet and greet at the Newton Ford Bunkhouse located in the Village Area of the park. See the map below. The evening will consist of introductions, a climbing video, and hands-on with the knots used in this sport, as well as an overview of the belay technique.


Meet at 8 am (CST) – Participants will meet with Ranger Ray to review the safety precautions for the program. The group will leave and travel to the Copperhead Climbing area. Parking is at Fall Creek Falls waterfall parking area. Then a short walk to the head of the trail. A number of top-rope climbs and a short rappel will be set up for the day. Climbs range in difficulty. There are climbs for beginners and for those who would like to test their climbing abilities. The rappel is 50 ft and is great for those who have never experienced the thrill (a belay is used for this rappel ). It will also prepare you for the longer rappel on Sunday. The day ends when everyone has had enough. * You are free to leave at any time.

(Please let one of the instructors know of your plans if you decide to leave early.)


Meet at 9 am (CST) – Everyone meets and then proceeds to the parking area at Millikan’s Overlook. The climbs and rappel will be set up at Buzzard’s Roost. There will be climbs ranging in difficulty set up for you to “take”. The long rappel will be set up on the left side of Buzzards Roost. It is approx. 150 ft (a belay is used for this rappel ). The day ends around 2 pm, or before if you have worn out from all the routes you’ve taken. * You are free to leave at any time.

(Please let one of the instructors know of your plans if you decide to leave early.)

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Get Directions: Google map – type in your address to get directions to Group Lodge #1